>Nicholas Sparks wants to break your heart


Dear Nicholas,

Why do you make movies like Dear John? You make us fall in love. With John and Savannah meeting on a romantic beach. With them falling in love. With their perfectly imperfect stories.

You break our hearts when they have to separate. When John goes out to his assignment. But you mend them with beautiful letters and promises. We get excited when they meet again, but are broken yet again when John has to extend his tour of duty.

And you break our hearts again when Savannah breaks up with him to marry someone else. And again, when John’s dad dies. And again when he leaves her, even if they both know they love each other.

You have the talent to make us fall in love. And then hate love. But you also bring us back to that feeling of love, and that decision to love. Thank you for that wonderful movie.

See you again 🙂

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