>Burn, baby, Burn!


It has been SO HOT these past few days. And has been getting even hotter. When you take a shower, once you step out, you’re sweating again. And even a walk from the carpark to the office makes you sweat. It is THAT hot and humid.

And even at Mass, maybe it was wrong to go at noon, it was sticky and yucky. The priest even kept his homily short because of the heat and being uncomfortable.

But it is Pentecost. And the Holy Spirit is usually drawn as fire coming down from Heaven onto the heads of the Apostles. And that fire brought them HEAT. And the FIRE to evangelize others. And that’s what we are experiencing.

We are experiencing the FIRE and the HEAT of the Holy Spirit. We have been experiencing for quite some time now, today was just a reminder of what exactly this weather is all about. It is all about re-energizing ourselves for the mission. Re-igniting our passion to serve. And renewing us in God to spread the Good News to everyone.

It is not only hot and humid. It is more than that. It is PASSION and CONVICTION that we feel in the air around us. Tap into it. Be inspired!

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