>Iron Man 2


When there were action scenes, it was very good. But the action scenes were few and far between. You don’t watch Iron Man to see talking and talking and talking. You want to see action. They could have done more. Maybe they were cost cutting?

It can’t be that they just treated it is a set-up movie for the Avengers. Though not surprising with the lack of character development of Black Widow and Nick Fury. They just so happened to be in the movie? If you don’t read comics, you won’t get who they are (and why did they make Fury, black?).

You also won’t get the reference to Captain America (the shield), Thor (the hammer) and the Avengers.

But, it was still a good show. And the action was good. And the armor was awesome. Mandarin for Iron Man 3? They had a Russian now, so why not a Chinese villain next? When will they have Pinoy villains?

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