I watched it this morning while the kids were still asleep, before going to work. I like the concept. A world where everyone has become a vampire. Where less than 5% of the humans are left. And they have to harvest humans for their blood. And now, blood is scarce, since there are so little humans. So the vampires are becoming crazy and are turning on each other.

And there are a bunch of humans led by a vampire-turned-human who want to take control. At the end, the realized that a vampire can turn human if they are exposed to the sun for a short time – so it restarts their heart. Or if vampires suck the blood of a vampire-turned-human. Interesting!

If it was implemented well, it would have been a great movie. But it turned out to be a B-movie with little development into the issues that would have made it a classic.

I love the concept and I hope they try again.

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