>All I Ever Needed to Learn, I Learned in Summer Play School

>Sabine, with her two best friends Reese and Gabie, took Summer Play Classes at The Reading Nook these past 5 weeks. I am very proud of her because she was excited about it, well behaved and it was a good way of her seeing what school is like. And knowing that she can have fun while going to school. No bad memories yet!

Her last class was yesterday, and her teacher sent a message reminding us of what we should continue teaching her at home: Share – Take Turns – Say Please and Thank You.

Those are things we, as adults, need to re-learn and practice as well. We have lost the ability to share, when we have the money and the opportunity to get things for ourselves. We have lost the patience to take turns, since we always want things fast and now. We do not say please, because we deserve what we want and no one should deny us what we need. And we don’t say thank you, because we are being offered a service and who are other people that we have to say thank you to them?

Those are the perils of society today. So self-centered. So “me”. And what we learned when we were younger is being thrown out the window.

We need to re-learn how it is to share, and how to borrow. And re-learn the value of taking turns and being patient. We have to re-learn the beauty of saying please. And thank you – whether we want to or not.

We learn those things so early in life. Why forget them so soon? Thanks for the reminder teacher. Teachers are teachers because they teach us, no matter how old we are 🙂

Some Run for Life pictures

 Aida ready to run
 Josh finished 10th place in the girls division… how did that happen?
 Sabine and I finishing the race!

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