>Where are we going? Highest Hill!


 Remembering the day we made history

Dora said it well in one of her cartoons. We are on the way to the Highest Hill. With the results of the elections – having Garin and Lagman in Congress again – and with all the other RH Bill people floating around, it will be like us going up a HIGHEST HILL to make our voice heard about the importance of life in all it’s forms.

But it is good to have a community – CFC FFL – that supports this work and mission. And especially now, after elections, we get a more informed core of people in the community. With those who were non-committal about being Pro-Life falling by the wayside. I am sure God has other plans for them. But being in CFC FFL means being open to learning and living the Pro-Life way of life.

And it is also good to have supportive family and friends. Des and I appeared this morning on Family Matters on TV5 (at 6AM). And it IS important to have people who will support you in your life. Life isn’t easy. It isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy. You always need to have a sense of humor.

Tomorrow is another milestone. I am going to run a 5K! Run for Life :-). Lord, help me wake up at 4AM.

Some more family pictures 🙂 Indulge me. As you will see in the pics, my kids are getting my interesting personality. Haha.

 My girls
 Kulit Bean
 Kulit Des
 My kids are getting my personality

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