>Please pray.

>For those in the CFC FFL EMail loop, they probably got this today. But those on FB would have known sooner than today.

Please pray for
Bro. Frank Padilla
Servant General of CFC-FFL

Bro. Frank is presently confined to a Metro Manila hospital
for a routine checkup and treatment for prostatitis.

Heavenly Healer.
By Your Holy Spirit guide the medical team in
the course of their diagnosis of Frank’s condition.
We pray that they will prescribe the appropriate treatment
that will restore him to the fullness of health
so that he may continue to serve You through this community.
We lift up our prayers in the mighty and holy name of Jesus,
through the intercession of our Mother Mary,
Mediatrix of All Grace.

Dad checked in on Wednesday, and hopefully he will be out by tomorrow. We just need to take better care of ourselves, have regular check ups and know that we are all getting older.

 Still with his laptop. Haha

It is also time to take on more work in CFC FFL, help out the wiser folk with their workload.

My kids also got sick over the week. They got tigdas hangin, which I am still trying to figure out the definition of. So they will be stuck at home for a few days as well.

Stay healthy!

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  1. >hey kuya, a lot are getting sick nowadays ha. and now, it's your girls! get well soon to tito frank and to babies beanie and aida. Missing them sooo much! and i miss you and ate des as well.take good care of yourselves! God bless!

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