>Back to Regular Scheduled LIFE

>I was thinking about staying in bed all day. And not going on FB or Twitter. And not answering texts and calls. I mean, how can I explain the results of this election?

– Erap gets millions of votes, and is even placing second. We had him as president. We proved he was a thief. He has mistresses (even kissed one in San Juan after she was proclaimed Mayor). And we still want him around?
– Noynoy. Haaay. I already said so much about him.
– I heard on Studio23, when Marilen Vitug was talking about Among Ed, “The problem with clergy is that they are so used to preaching, they don’t listen”
– Our Senate is full of the same old people. We keep pushing change, but we vote in the same people. Even the “new” people are old names – Marcos (whose whole family won in Ilocos Norte) and Guingona
– And our House is like the FAMAS awards. Imelda. Manay Gina. Lucy Torres. Pacman. And GMA. I am sure a bunch of others from the Party List will be there. Maybe Calayan as well.
– The only bright spot is Mar losing to Binay… but then again, BINAY? Couldn’t it just have been Bayani?

With results like those…. why not stay in bed? But after praying, you get enlightened. And life goes on. This election was fun. It was great fighting for your candidate. Fighting other people. Saying what you believe in, and defending it to haters. It was an exercise in PASSION, CONVICTION, INSPIRATION and INTEGRITY. And I loved every minute of it.

Now, time to normal life. Even the TV Stations will be back to regular programming soon. Later, Des and I will go attend a Starbucks coffee seminar. Des wants to be a Barista, though after this election, she might want to move to Australia. Tomorrow, meetings resume and Sabine goes back to school. The weekend has the Run for Life (we should change it to Run for YOUR Life.. the Post Election marathon). And we have our Young Couples swimming fellowship. Things that matter get back into the daily flow of life.

If there is one thing that changed in me. Well, got strengthened in me. Is my desire to work for the cause of LIFE. And defending it. And promoting it. And fighting for it. Life in all it’s stages. And life as it is meant to be. And that gives me renewed vigor.

The next 6 years won’t be easy. Our RH Bill proponents are back in the House. And the incoming Administration is a flip-flopper on this issue. Get ready for the fight of your life.

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