>Excited doesn’t define what I am feeling!

>I slept late, explaining to my kids that we had to sleep so we could vote for Villar in the morning. And now, I am up at 6:00AM. I haven’t felt this excited to vote, ever.

I can compare this to the morning of my wedding day. Knowing that the decision I was about to make was one that would change my life. It was a decision I couldn’t take back. And it would make me happy, and the people around me happy as well.

Today is like that. I know that voting for Manny Villar will change my life, and the lives of Filipinos around the world for the better. This is a decision I cannot and will not take back or regret. I have researched, prayed, debated… and everything shows me that he is the candidate that is most deserving and most qualified. And actually has a plan for the Philippines. And this exercise, this vote, will make me happy. And will make the whole Philippines happy as well.

I can’t wait to shade that egg. Number 10 sa balota.

Gotta get ready!

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