>Congratulations, Mr. President.


It has been riveting.

In a few hours, we will know who our next President will be. Much better than waiting for weeks on end to find out the winner. In a span of a few hours, all is over. All the brouhaha over PCOS, and they showed us that we can actually trust technology. Well, at least until people start showing proof of cheating.

Congratulations, Mr. President. You fought the good fight. And the people have picked you to lead this country. You have millions of people who look to you for leadership and inspiration. Lead us with a loving heart, pure intentions and open mind.

I have two beautiful daughters, and I want them to grow up in a country where they are respected. Where they can choose to live a righteous life, and have the support from a society that understands what it is to live a righteous life.

I want them to see people who have hope, who live out values they see in their leaders and who are not harassed by corruption and injustice.

I want all of us to be given a chance to live simply, yet have enough. To lessen poverty. To increase acceptance. To have an abundance of understanding, faithfulness and love.

Congratulations, Mr. President, whoever you are (though we may already see where these early returns are going). I hope you can give me, my girls and my family a future that is worth our trust in you. Do not worry, we will do our part as well. But lead us in the right direction.

God bless you. And God bless the Philippines.

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