>’Twas the Night before Elections…

>Tomorrow we vote for the officials who will lead our country. I am one with you in praying for a peaceful and God-centered elections. As we pray, let us also vote for people who will put God at the center of his or her administration. Who will strengthen the bonds of family. And who will defend life in all it’s stages. That is what we are about in CFC FFL, after all.

Have a peaceful night and a wonderful electoral day tomorrow.

At the end, no matter who we choose and who ends up winning, our work for God continues in this wonderful community of ours!

[Dad’s message after the jump]

Don’t forget WHO we are voting for. 🙂

 Me and my girls
 All the kids



Mother‚s Day
May 9, 2010

Tomorrow we face a momentous time in the life our nation. We will elect a President and many other officials of the land. For us Christians, God is King and rules over our lives. However, God also delegates authority to secular powers to work for our good (Rom 13:1,4). It is our responsibility to turn to God and ask for His wisdom in choosing those we will vote for. God desires our good, but if we persist in veering away from His ways, then He sends us leaders who will bring chastisement to our nation.

Given that the defining struggle of this third millennium is about family and life, it is crucial that we elect a pro-family and pro-life President, as well as other such officials. This is especially true for us in CFC-FFL, as it is our very mission to renew the family and to defend life.

Our awesome God is a God of justice and righteousness. In justice, He wants the best for us, officials who can help give us a future full of hope. In righteousness, He is glorified by officials who walk in His ways. You have probably already studied the qualifications of the various presidentiables. Now, more importantly, spend today in prayer, seeking God‚s mind on who to vote for.

The Philippines is the last bastion for family and life, and the anti-family and anti-life forces are going to mount an all-out assault upon our land. This assault starts with acceptance of „reproductive health‰ and ultimately leads to abortion and abominations such as same-sex marriage. The enemy wants to prevent our nation from the fulfillment of its destiny to be God‚s light in Asia and to the world. We need a President and other officials who will fight for family and life.

– – –

It is the right and duty of each citizen to vote, so go out an vote wisely. As a community, we respect the right and freedom of each one to vote for his preferred candidate. As the Church teaches us, we should follow our conscience. But it must be a properly formed conscience. Further, since there are some pastors of the Church who stray from her official teachings, we must also be faithful to authentic Church teaching. This is especially true when it comes to the culture of life.

Even as this election is crucial, we as a community look beyond. Whoever we vote for, know that our King is God. Know that our common work is evangelization and family renewal, with particular focus on life. After tomorrow‚s election, let us know that we are brethren who have been called by God and given the privilege to do His work. Let our choices in this election not divide us.

At the same time, we will need to work more on educating our members about pro-life. There are those who favor a pro-choice, pro-RH, pro-population control candidate. One who does so cannot be considered to be truly pro-life. If we as a community are to be a holy people who will be used as His instruments, then we must fully live out our being pro-life.

After tomorrow‚s election, our work has just begun.

– – –

Today is Mother‚s Day. It is a celebration of family, life and love. But the anti-life forces have caused many women who should have been mothers to abort their babies, or to prevent them from being conceived. The anti-life forces have insisted that population is a problem, that more babies are a problem. God thinks otherwise.

Last May 3, my fourth grandchild was born. This is part of God‚s promise of blessings through the generations, our having our children, and our children‚s children. God‚s blessing is about life. Let us then, in tomorrow‚s election, help ensure that the enemy does not succeed in thwarting life in our nation. „Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live.‰ (Dt 30:19b).

We ask for the intercession of the Mother of all, our Mama Mary.

God bless the Philippines!

Your brother and servant,

Frank Padilla

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