>The Vote 2010. My Vice President.

>Here are the ones running to be vice president of the Philippines:

Jun Chipeco (AKP)
Bayani Fernando (Bagumbayan)
Loren Legarda (Nacionalista – NPC)
Mar Roxas (LP)
Perfecto Yasay (BP)
Edu Manzano (LAKAS)
Jejomar Binay (PMP)
Jay Sonza (KBL)

There were a few Vice Presidentiables that were definitely not on my list from the get-go. I would not vote for Manzano and Sonza at all. There are many more qualified people running. And with better backgrounds in public service. They would do better sticking to the broadcast / showbiz arena.

I am definitely not voting for Mar Roxas and anyone on the LP slate. Especially after he cursed at one of his rallies for all to hear. And was unapologetic for it. A bad example to the kids, and a bad witness for the world.

I am not voting for Bayani (though I really do love what he did for Marikina and MMDA), Yasay or Binay. I don’t think pairing up with a Presidentiable who is not Pro-Life was a good decision. And I cannot, in right conscience, vote for them (as well as the others mentioned above who also have a Presidentiable partner who is not Pro-Life).

It was really down to Legarda and Chipeco for me. And it was easy to pick from them. I want someone who is Pro-Life (again? Pro-Life? Can’t you think of other issues? An important point: “Being single-issue is not wrong, as long as your single issue is in fact the most important among others.
The right to life is paramount and prior to all other rights — even in the US Constitution, by the way, where liberty is second.”). And someone who is willing to come out in the open and declare that Pro-Life stance.

The Manila Cathedral covenant for life signing was enough for me. My candidate showed up. And signed. And that is why my Vice President is:


Vote with me!

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