>The Vote 2010. My Senators.

>It has taken me some time to finally get my list together. I already knew what kind of people I wanted sitting in the Senate, I just had to do more research and soul-searching to finalize my choices.

There were some non-negotiables.

First (and this disqualified many), the Senators I would be choosing from had to be members of a Political Party under a Pro-Life Standard Bearer. I cannot choose anyone who says he is Pro-Life but runs under someone who is not. That shows me he is willing to compromise his beliefs already – and he has not even won yet.

So I was not going to choose from LP, Bangon Pilipinas, PMP, Lakas. That left me with AKP, NP and the Independents.

Second, if the whole slate was Pro-Life, and even the Charter of the Party and the ideals… then I would vote for the whole slate. And after reading AKP’s Passport to a New Philippines, I knew I would be voting all of them. So that filled up 7 slots: Imbong, David, Tarrazona, Tamayo, Sison, Rinoza-Plazo and Valdehuesa. I found out after, that they are just as deserving to be on my list individually.

Third, I looked at individuals and their being Pro-Life. That showed me that Tatad had to be there, as he has been on the forefront of the Pro-Life work here in the Philippines for years. And Pimentel-Gana as well. Nene Pimentel has been our defender, and his daughter would do the same. 3 more slots.

Fourth, I voted with our Family History. My grandfather supported Miriam ever since. And her fiery personality and no mince word approach to the Senate is needed… Especially if the current crop of Actors get back in it. So Defensor-Santiago took the 10th slot.

Lastly, I looked through the NP slate for my last 2. It was a no-brainer. Ople and Mitra had to be in my slate as well.

People may say I don’t have a powerhouse combination. Maybe in their eyes. But I know I have the team to beat 🙂 Vote with me!

My Senators:
1. Lito David (Ang Kapatiran Party)

2. Miriam Defensor – Santiago (Peoples Reform Party)

3. Jo Imbong (AKP)
4. Susan Ople (Nacionalista Party)
5. Mon-mon Mitra (NP)

6. Gwen Pimentel – Gana (PDP-Laban)
7. Grace Rinoza – Plazo (AKP)

8. Adrian Sison (AKP)
9. Reggie Tamayo (AKP)
10. Hector Tarrazona (AKP)
11. Kit Tatad (Grand Alliance for Democracy)
12. Manny Valdehuesa (AKP)

 Lito David
 Grace Rinoza-Plazo
 Hector Tarrazona
 Jo Imbong
 Gwen Pimentel-Gana
 Susan Ople
 Mon mon Mitra
 Kit Tatad
 Manny Valdehuesa
 Adrian Sison
 Miriam Defensor-Santiago
 Reggie Tamayo

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