I am for life. That is my main consideration for choosing candidates to vote for this May 10th. I want someone who will defend the Filipino family from divorce, euthanasia, abortion, tyrannical population control and homosexual unions.

I am speaking out strongly in my desire to have people stand up for what is right. And what is important. Yes, we need to address employment. And corruption. And education. But the MOST IMPORTANT thing we need to have a plan of action for, is the FAMILY. Because when the family crumbles, society crumbles.

When a husband no longer loves his wife, and stays with another woman, what is to stop him from being unfaithful to his constituency? When a father has no relationship with his children, what is to stop him from just thinking of his own interests instead of those he needs to care for? When a couple decides to kill their children through abortion – their own flesh and blood – what is to stop them from killing other people – be it through corruption, or literal killing?

The FAMILY is the MOST IMPORTANT issue this elections. And if you choose someone who doesn’t think that it is the most important issue, then we are in for the same issues and problems that have been hounding us for decades. And nothing will change.

So these people are standing up for what is right. And are committing to us to keep the family safe. They all signed a Covenant to fight for Life and the Family this morning in Manila Cathedral. And I will hold them accountable to it.

 Manny, Cynthia and Camille Villar

 JC de los Reyes (and kids), Jun Chipeco, Lito David, Manny Valdehuesa, Adrian Sison

 Kit Tatad, Jo Imbong, Gwen Pimentel (far left of picture, with the Pimentels)

Vote wisely. As of today, my vote is set in stone. And my vote is for LIFE. I want my kids safe.
 Sabine and her bag

 Aida and her toppings

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