>Standing up for what is RIGHT.

>Last night Des and I shared at the CFC FFL Seniors Assembly in Starmall. We shared about our International Youth Forum experience (you can check them out in this blog). About the miracles that happened to get us there, what we learned and what we still want to do for the community and for the Church.

We also shared about the World Kids Conference that happened last weekend in Lipa (also on this blog). We shared that kids, no matter how young, are young enough to know Christ and be good examples to others.

One major realization from all those experiences is that the world needs people to stand up for our faith and our beliefs. Pope Benedict XVI is being attacked left and right by people who want to bring down what it means to be Catholic. And some other Catholics are one with those who are attacking him. It boggles the mind how they can do that.

Here, in the Philippines, we need people who will stand up for what is right as well. We spend so much time teaching people about God. About living out their faith. About being pro-life. About serving others. And when the time comes to practice it, we hope that we taught them well enough for them to make the right decisions. The world is looking at the Philippines for leadership in terms of being Pro-Life. We are practically the only country left that is Pro-Life!

That’s why I am SO PROUD to be in CFC FFL. A few days ago, we came up with a letter to the Bishops talking about pro-life. And with regards to this upcoming election, who we should be considering for the highest position in the land. We cannot say we are Pro-Life, and then elect someone who is for the RH Bill. It just can’t be done.

And I am so proud that my community has taken a stand on this. Not many people would do that. For fear of reprisal. Fear of people leaving the community. For fear of not getting in the good graces of people in power. But when we think about those things, and get blocked by those things, then we end up not being the LIGHT to the world that God wants us to be. We HAVE to speak up, even if it makes us unpopular.

I shared also that CFC (and now CFC FFL) started when Marcos was president. It grew leaps and bounds when Cory was president.  I joined when Ramos was president. I was fulltime when Erap was president. And started serving with my own family when GMA was president (until now). This community will be around no matter who is president. No matter what storms come. No matter what controversies come. No matter if people agree with us or not. We will survive and thrive because WE ARE STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

And that is what matters.

Yes, I am in CFC FFL. And I am proud to be in CFC FFL. And I am beaming with joy that we are a community that is not only Pro-Life and Catholic in name, but we are Pro-Life and Catholic in who we are and what we do. From the Inside Out.

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