>After fighting the RH Bill so hard last year… after all those prayers and rallies and ads… Will we vote someone who will make us do it all over again?

>I was one of those who went to Congress last year to fight the passage of the RH Bill. I was helping out with convincing Congressmen to vote against it. I was privy to backdoor meetings and organizing committees all trying to educate people on what would happen if it was passed.

I distributed the ads that were published in the newspapers. I debated with people about it – on Facebook and in person. I researched on people. I researched organizations. I studied the Bill itself (while others just go against it without even reading it).

So now, when we actually have the chance to choose people who will make sure this Bill will never pass, we forget how much we fought against it. People are willing to vote RH supporters into office! Pro-Lifers are willing to vote RH supporters into office! It really boggles my mind.

If they win, and then the RH Bill gets on the floor of Congress again… How can we ask people to rally against the Bill? When we had the chance to fight it, and didn’t do it. How can we stomach that? It makes my head spin and my stomach turn.

I am striving to be pro-life. And I am making difficult decisions that others may not understand or agree with. But that what it means to be pro-life and to live a life with integrity. It means standing up for what is right, even amidst oppression and opposition.

I am proud to be in CFC FFL. The statement that my community came out with the other day sums it all. We need to vote someone who is PRO-LIFE into office. And there really are only two choices: Manny Villar and JC de los Reyes. Of course, now we are getting feedback from all over. People applauding and people against. But this is all part of the way to standing up for what is right.

I came across a blog entry of a Pro-Lifer from Human Life International, Brian Clowes. And I want to end this blog with what he said:

I thought about the importance of the Philippines to the international pro?life movement. We have to do everything we can to protect the Faith of this country and the lives of its people, because if the Philippines collapses into the anti?life swamp along with virtually every other nation in the world, who will we have left to give us a good example?”

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