>What would you have done differently?


I gave a recollection before the start of the World Kids Conference to the Service Team. This is done to just re-focus everyone on the reason why we do things like this – to glorify God and to make Him known. It is easy to get distracted by everything we need to do for a conference. All the deadlines and props and designs and dances – that sometimes we may miss out on the REAL REASON for it all.

Our community has been around for almost 29 years now. And I joined it when I was 20 years old. When I go to different areas and hear the sharing of older couples, they always say that if they had joined YFL or SFL when they were younger, they would not have done many of the mistakes they had done in their lives. They just weren’t able to join, because at the time they were Youth or Singles age, there was no YFL or SFL.

And same with me. If I had joined YFL earlier. Or if there was KFL for me to join when I was younger, I would not have done a lot of the mistakes I did growing up.

So I asked the service team. If you were in KFL when you were 9 years old, what would you have done differently in your life? I won’t share for them, but suffice to say, all of us would have done so many things differently.

I got exposed to the world quite late. My early years were in Maria Montessori Cooperative School in Pasay. And it was a small school with a different learning and teaching style. And I have to say, I was not exposed to any vices or ill-qualities while I was there. And then I moved to Ateneo when I was grade 5.

In Grade 5, I was exposed to teasing and bullying.
In Grade 6, I was exposed to pornography.
In Grade 7, I would say I had been desensitized already, that those things had no more effect on me.

And those led to more things in High School and College. A lot of mistakes that didn’t have to be done, if I had known Christ earlier. If I had experienced community earlier. If I had the support of kuyas and ates, titos and titas earlier. If I had realized that the community of my parents was the community for me as well. If I had that Revolution in my heart earlier, to witness Christ to others, instead of being beaten down by the world.

Thank God for the chance given to the generation now. To those 6 year olds who know how to Worship. To those 9 year olds who realize that it is God that they Worship. To those 11 year olds who dance with all their heart because they dance for God. To all those kids who are going to be GOOD examples to their classmates, cousins, friends. Because of them, this world will be a better place.

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