>Kids Revolution: Young Enough to Know Christ!


It is only the second day since the World Kids Conference, and already I am feeling nostalgic about the whole weekend. Seeing all the pictures being posted. All the comments and status messages on Facebook. makes my heart grow even warmer.

We took a leap last weekend. We wanted all the kids to experience the Awesome God! The Junior Kids (kids 8 years old and below) were going to learn that through their workshops and games.

We decided to teach the Senior Kids (kids from 9 to 12 years old) more. Teach them how to Worship. And teach them about the God that they Worship. We decided to teach them more about the Gospel. And how each story in that Storybook of God called the Bible, is about them. Is about us.

We decided to teach them about being Pro-Life. And how important it is to be good in thought, word and deed. And deeds especially involving the environment. We decided to teach them about studying well! And about making sure that you have ample time for studies. We decided to teach them about honing their talents, and doing their best, because God gave that to them.

And we decided to challenge them to live out all that, and show other kids that they can do it, too.

We wanted to create that REVOLUTION in their hearts and in their lives. That they are not only kids, but they are witnesses to Christ. And they can witness for Christ to others. No matter how young they are. And the 6 year old worship leader (Daniel Guico from Batangas) on opening night proved that early on.

They are YOUNG ENOUGH TO KNOW CHRIST! Because Christ is for everyone, young and old. The Kids Revolution has started!

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