>"I learned how to Worship!" – Joshua


Last weekend was the World Kids Conference 2010. It was held in Lipa, Batangas with the theme KIDS REVOLUTION! We wanted to create a revolution within the kids hearts, so that they can witness Christ through worship, prayer, pro-life, environment, talents and studies; and in the end, be witnesses of Christ to other kids.

Sure, it seemed to be a big task. But with God nothing is impossible, right?

At the start of the last day, I asked my 9 year old brother, Joshua, what he learned. He said he learned how to worship.

I was floored. I seriously got teary eyed. I didn’t expect it!

I am so used to Joshua just running around, playing with his PSP – that when he answered me that, I was humbled. Yes, it is possible to have kids know who Christ is. And it is possible to have them worship Him. And KNOW WHO, and WHY they are worshipping Him.

I always say that if I knew Christ sooner, or if I was a member of KFL, I would have done less mistakes in my life. And now, after this weekend, I can say that those kids who were there have that chance to live better lives and make less mistakes. Because they experienced that revolution in their hearts. A revolution to make them better witnesses to and of Christ!

Josh is the last sharer in this video 🙂

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