>Aida’s Birthday Miracle

>What a Terrible Night

There are times when you get knocked out of the park by events you would have never thought would happen to you. I was at a meeting for the World Kids Conference when I got the call from Des.

On the other end of the line, all I could hear was sobbing and crying. And that freaked me out. The last time I heard Des crying like that was when I told her that Papa had passed. I couldn’t make out the words at first, but eventually I heard that they (Des, Wowo and Wawa) were bringing Aida to the hospital in Antipolo.


I had to call again. And got more crying, but got a clearer reason. My heart was beating out of my chest at this time. And the people I was meeting with were all within earshot, but didn’t know any better.

Aida had taken off her clip, and swallowed it. And it got stuck in her throat.

I went in the room, packed up my bags and left. Outside the office, I called Wawa. She got Aida (because Des and the yayas were all crying), and was able to squeeze out the clip from her throat while running to the car (my mom is a super-woman).

But because there was still so much blood, they decided to bring her to our pedia – tita Juling Aguila. I had gotten back into the room at that time, but left again and followed to the pedia.

Those minutes driving to Pasig were terrible. As mom said, it was a terrible night. What could happen? What could have happened? Why did it happen? But I knew things would be ok. Things had to be ok. Aida’s birthday is on Friday!

Life is Precious

We all got to the pedia at around the same time. Me in my work clothes. Dad, Mom, Des, Sabine, Aida, yaya Jocelyn, yaya Dianne, Lisa the cook – all in pambahay. And Aida with blood on her clothes. It was heart wrenching seeing my baby that way.

Tita Juling checked her while Aida was screaming at the top of her lungs (a good sign). And pronounced her risk-free.

PRAISE GOD. Aida even got ice cream as a reward. She still is traumatized (and so are we) by the experience. But she’ll get better.

I love my baby. She is turning one this Friday and she already has made such a huge impact on us, our family and the people around us. Her smile. Her appetite. Her laugh. Her playfulness. Her being malambing. All of that makes me love her even more.

My fatherhood instincts are out in full force now. I want to protect her throughout life. From anything that may harm her. And I want to make sure she doesn’t have to go through anything like that again.

But I know that is impossible. I can only cling to the promise that we will all be taken cared of by our great Father. And that he knows what is best for all of us. I am secure in that, and I know that my baby is safe.

I love you, Aida. Happy birthday! And I am glad – ecstatic – that we have overcome this as a family. Get better, baby.

And to those who will be giving her gifts…. NO CLIPS!

 The culprit
 After the check up
 Feeling better.. see the blood?


  1. >kuya naluluha naman ako habang binabasa ko to… praise GOD she's alright now. I can't imagine how worried you are and Ate DES and the whole family that traumatic day. Truly, GOD is in full control. "I can only cling to the promise that we will all be taken cared of by our great Father. And that he knows what is best for all of us. I am secure in that, and I know that my baby is safe." — Amen to this !!!GODBLESS KUYA at sobrang cute ni BABY kahit may blood sa damit nya… – E.Y.

  2. >wow. intense but i'm glad there was a happy ending. happy birthday baby aida! she's lucky to have such loving and protective parents like you guys!

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