>I AM.

>We arrived on Thursday from Paris (thank you again Fr. Gil!) and then left for Lipa, Batangas on Friday!

 Thank you Fr. Gil!
 The Parisien Faccionable

We were supposed to go with just Aida and Sabine, but Yaya Dianne decided to join us. And that was a blessing – because with jetlag, the heat, the Congress and everything else – we needed her along for the weekend!
The World Youth Congress, as expected, was great! I loved the fact that the speakers made it simple enough for the youth to understand (Fr. Gustilo was a wonderful youthful surprise!) yet deep enough to pierce hearts.
As old as I am (and aging doesn’t seem to stop), Youth Congresses are always refreshing. Too see idealism and passion and drive – makes me remember how it SHOULD be. Don’t lose that idealism, passion and drive. It is their within all of us. Waiting to be unleashed again and again.
Family time was also great! Aida and Sabine have separation anxiety! But it is good because we got to spend almost every minute with them this whole weekend.
This is an awesome life. Thank you, Lord!
 The girls (with Gabie)
 Playing together
 The models who are starting school tomorrow
Now, in 2 weeks, it is the Kids’ turn! World Kids Conference, here we come!

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