>Home, Finally.

>We left Paris at about 4PM. I watched movies as much as my eyes could take through both the 6 hour flight to Doha, and the 9 hour flight to Manila. We had only a one hour stopover, praise God. The plane was swerving sideways while it landed in Manila. Was it because of the heat? A new pilot? Too many balikbayan boxes? I would think it was the last… the plane was packed with people going home!

The 3 OFWs sitting behind us were having a conversation about life. About their children left behind, about their spouses leaving them, about one night stands and finding new spouses, about working hard while their significant other just sits on his / her butt at home. It was quite interesting – and good research – until someone got irritated and asked them to quiet down.

That is the plight of our international heroes. Sad, but true. You hear those stories everywhere you go. And we need to support them (the worker abroad and the family left behind) in every way that we can. Families don’t need to be torn apart even more because of this diaspora of Pinoys. Now my mind is revving up….


We landed at about 3:30PM in Manila. I love the Philippine heat! I would choose to live here any day, above anywhere else in the world. Cold places are fun to visit, but hard to live in.

We met up with the son of one of the Handmaids in Paris to give pasalubong. And then went home to see our kids – after 17 days. Which is not that bad, considering the stories of people who don’t see their kids for 10 or more years. As one Handmaid said: you just need to steel your heart, or else you won’t be able to do anything and will not be able to help your family.

Mom called while we were on the way, and Aida was with her on the other line. Laughing and kissing the phone.

We got home to Aida walking and Sabine waving to us. Des cried. Hugs and kisses. Home, finally.


Aida laughs so much more now. With a new laugh we hadn’t heard before. She walks around with just a little support from hands of other people. Sabine talks nonstop… well, as before.

Played with them until we all fell asleep on the bed. Just as it should be. Our family, united again 🙂

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