>France Food Trip!


With my cousin Ian
Yesterday we met up with my cousin Ian. He has been her for almost two years working at an expensive restaurant, in the kitchen. He cooks amazing food, as I’ve been told. Des and I just can’t afford to eat there, so we will take people’s words for it.
We also met with more CFCers and Officials of the Parish Council over lunch. We had a 3 hour lunch! So French! Ian ordered escargot and beef tartar. I have always said to myself that those were things I would NEVER eat. Snails and raw meat?!
But, when your cousin forces you to try them, you just have to. They weren’t as bad as I thought, but I also only had a small bite. I don’t think I could finish a whole serving.


After lunch we walked around a bit to let the food settle. And of course, we ate again. We went to Angelina’s which supposedly has the best hot chocolate.
And it is true.
The hot chocolate uses cocoa from Africa. And it was delicious. You don’t really need to eat anything else (though their Monte Blanc cupcake has a secret recipe that has been kept secret for a hundred years), the hot choco is more than enough. It was rich, sweet, creamy. Yum. Just thinking about it gives me shivers.
Angelina’s Hot Choco!
Hanging out with family. Eating delicious food. In the city of Paris! What more can you ask for? We capped off yesterday with an assembly with the CFC SFL members here. We had it at our place, and ended the night with Filipino food – PANCIT! Another good day.
Today is our last full day in Paris. We finally head home tomorrow. To see the kids, and in time for the CFC YFL World Youth Congress. I can’t wait for both.
Oh by the way, I also ate DINUGUAN the other day. I thought it was Adobo. And my wife didn’t bother to tell me it wasn’t. Grrr. So it really is all in the mind!

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