>Easter Sunday in France


 3 more days 🙂

April 5, 2010
1:40 AM
Philippine Chaplaincy, Paris

Last night at Taize, we witnessed the joining of the Brothers of a guy from Bolivia. It was a nice, simple, touching ceremony. And it shows that commitment and community know no bounds. Just like CFC FFL, everyone from all over the world, coming together as one family. Another affirmation 🙂


We left Taize early this morning, taking the bus from Taize to Macon Ville. Then the train from Macon Ville to Lyon Part Dieu. And then another train from Lyon to Paris. It took a total of about 5 hours. We had a woman from Denmark go with us the whole way – Hannah. We actually saw her at the train station on the way to Taize. And all throughout the weekend. But never spoke. And then, we were with her on the way down as well! So we struck a friendship, and she will be coming to Manila in August! She does ceramics.

Isn’t God awesome in that way? She is soon to be a grandmother, and she has a ray of sunshine within her. I like her!


We got to Paris, and CFC FFL picked us up. We went straight to Easter Mass at the Pinoy Church. And then had a CFC FFL Assembly right after. I love this community! Everywhere you go, it’s family. And familiar. We felt right at home. Even if instead of French, we were listening to KaPampangan.. Haha. And the rice meal afterwards was awesome! After eating bread and cheese for 4 days, rice is HEAVEN.

We went to the Chaplaincy after that, and “checked in” to our room. It is a nice place! Big, considering it is in Paris. We are staying in Fr. Gil’s study. And lo and behold! WiFi!

Before calling it a night, we went out for coffee with the CFC FFL Singles, Couples and Handmaids. Just talking about life and love in the City of Paris. In the freezing cold! But, times like this warm hearts. I think Paris is getting to me and making me mushy… or maybe it is being with CFC FFL again. Either way, it feels great!

Good morning!

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