>Black Saturday in Taize


April 3, 2010
2:00 PM
El Abiodh, Taize

Walang matigas na tinapay sa mainit na kape

In all our meals here, there is hard crusted bread. It is great to eat with cheese and of course, a hot drink – to soften the bread. The meals here are a big production. They have to feed so many people at each time. They get volunteers to serve the food, and then there is a production line. Tray. Bowl. Spoon. Plate. Hot food. Bread. Cheese. Fruit. Water. Nice! I am having my fill of bread and cheese. 🙂


Last night, we met up with Brother Andreas. He was in the Philippines for the NCYM in Iloilo (which started this whole journey for me), and came to the dinner we had for youth ministers in Max’s. He will be going back to Manila for the elections, and will be staying for a month.

We talked a lot about Manila, our ministry, Taize and many other things. And the wonderful thing about our meeting him (and his being here at this time) was he invited us to dinner with his brother, who is visiting Taize for a week.

We stayed in a room in El Abiodh, and had wine, salad, vegetables, bread, cheese pastry and more cheese. It was such a great time! The four of us talking about life. If we stayed any longer, we would have missed the evening prayers.

Bro. Andreas asked us if we were going to stay until the Sunday Eucharist. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the schedule here, so we ended up booking our bus / train / train to Paris on Sunday. And we will have to leave Taize by 10:29 AM tomorrow. And the Eucharist is at 10:00 AM.

Though we just got a note on the door from Bro. Andreas asking our train details. He might arrange a car to bring us to the station, so we can leave after the Eucharist. He is such a great guy!


Today was colder than the past days. AND it is raining. But these are good ways for me to get stuck in places where I can pray and reflect more – like in the Crypte.

God created us to fill and subdue the earth. He created us for obedience. And He created us to spread the Good News to all. AMEN.

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