>Miss Saigon in New Zealand!


That’s Ivy as Kim. She is my cousin! Miss Saigon was one of the first Musicals I ever watched. And has always had a special place in our lives (as Pinoys). I am so proud of her! I didn’t even know about this until I watched the video. Wow. I hope to get to watch her one day. I want to be in a Musical. Haha. Maybe as a back-up back-up singer.


Des and I are now in Vienna. We left Rome yesterday after going around Rome with Keith and Klibert. We even met Ambassador Mercy Tuason and Monsignor Jerry Bitoon. Now we are with the Javiers and Jaramillos. We went around the city center today, and Des left bringing 2 bags. She is VERY happy. 🙂

Pictures from Rome after the jump.

More pics!

Honeymoon 2!



Des almost fell in the Trevi Fountain

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