>Pinch me. This must all be a dream.


 Palm Sunday attire

March 28, 2010
10:55 PM
Tito Totti and Tita Chona’s House, Rome

Today was a fairytale. We went back to the Vatican for Palm Sunday Mass. And World Youth Day. We were there at 8:00AM. The Mass started about 9:30, and ended before 1:00 PM. What an awesome experience!

So near the Pope again! Some delegates got to read during the Mass, do the offering, etc. I did have a bit of Pope-envy there, but why should I complain when I got to see the Pope twice in only 3 days?!

I love being Catholic. I love God. I love the Church. And I love being able to be a servant to her. God, may your Will always be done in our lives!

I do not want to wake up from this dream!

 Wow. Backstage!
 Passed so near!

I will make a new post just for Papal Pics 🙂

After the jump, see the delegates 🙂

Pictures and more pictures!

 The Asian crew!
 with Bangladesh and the linguist!
 Pascal from Cameroon!

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