>Dester Yupano comes back

>March 23, 2010
5:00 PM
Mondo Migliore, Rocca di Papa, Rome

Finally here. Des and I are in room B17. Probably the only couple sharing a room. This is the 10th International YOUTH Forum after all. Des is sound asleep beside me. I am trying not to sleep because I want that when I sleep, I wake up tomorrow. Dinner is still at 8:00PM.


The flight to Rome from Doha was uneventful. We were so excited to get on the plane! After waiting 9 hours, you’d be excited to do anything. I got to watch Paranormal Activity (just the first few minutes until they started to talk about demons – not exactly the preparation I want for the IYF), Astro Boy, Couples Retreat, Big Bang Theory and The World After Humans. We got to Rome ok.

Got through immigration ok too. Even if Des’ visa said Dester Yupano, instead of Dester Padilla. More miracles! And after a slight mix up in meeting points, met the IYF greeting committee (a Pinay!). Arrived at the same time as Australia, Angola, Sudan and the Czech Republic. All with their own visa or flight miracle stories. Miracles all around!


Mondo Migliore used to be a mansion, now converted into a spirituality center. The rooms are nice and cozy. We don’t have the European plug, so all our gadgets are dead. More time for God. Just as He wants it. And more time for Des and me. We haven’t had this much time together (as a couple) since July 16, 2007! These really are all God’s way of putting everything into place. It is amazing, really, when I think about it. How all this happened. And the IYF hasn’t even started yet! There are almost 300 delegates coming from all over the world! I can’t wait to meet them, and learn.

 Des sleeping in the airport
Boarding after 9 hours
Over the middle east
 Our venue
 My nametag

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