>"You are blessed"

>March 23, 2010
Doha Airport, Qatar

Des and I arrived here about 5 and a half hours ago. We left Manila at 6:20PM, had a 9 hour flight, and now we are half way through our 9 hour stop over. It is a good thing it is a 24 hour airport! What if we were stuck in NAIA for 9 hours, overnight?! Where would you go?


We got our visas just in time. Our pick up time was at 3PM yesterday. We got there at 3, and started waiting. And waiting. And waiting. It was almost 4PM when the consul called us and said we were very lucky. Apparently, the visas weren’t signed yet, and the one signing them decided to come to work early that day! The guy corrected himself after saying we were lucky, he said we were blessed. I agree.

We left there right away and went to the airport. It was really traffic! There was a huge number of people picking up people at the airport. All the parking areas were full, and all the gates leading to the parking areas were blocked, causing traffic. We got to the check in counter, and were one of the LAST people to check in.

Qatar Airways is a nice airline. Their food is quite good, and each seat has its own personal video system. I finally got to watch New Moon and Michael Jackson’s This Is It. And also E! News Child Stars: Where are they now? I plan to watch Astro Boy on the next leg of the trip. So much better than Northwest Airlines. Why do we even still ride that airline? Hopefully, now that it is Delta, they will change their planes.


And now we are waiting. The airport is not a high class airport like Amsterdam, Singapore, etc. It is more like a former-simple airport, transforming itself to a high class airport. The toilets are kind of dirty. But otherwise, we are doing fine sleeping on chairs. 🙂

Keep praying for us.

Need. Sleep.

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