>Pro-life couple to represent Filipino youth in Rome

>This article came out on YouthPinoy and CBCP News today. 🙂 [I’ll post it after the jump]

We had our Send-Off Mass at the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church in Marikina this morning. Fr. Kune was the celebrant. He had us sit in front of all the pews on 2 chairs. It was like we were getting married again. Aida and Sabine were with us in front while Yaya Jocelyn and Yaya Dianne were in the back.

Praise God Aida and Sabine were behaved all throughout the Mass. Aida even humming during the Mass songs. We were part of the offertory as well. All 4 of us. I thought it was cute having our whole family walk together. Too bad I couldn’t take a picture at the same time.

Fr. Kune gave me time to speak and thank the congregation for accommodating us and praying for us. It felt wonderful to be sent off by our Church and by people who want what is best for you. I felt humbled and privileged.

We had merienda after that, with the CBCP NSYA people, and some of the Ushers. Thank you everyone, we will make our country and our Church proud!

Our Trainors:

 Made for Each Other

 The Family and Marriage

 With Monsi Asis

MANILA, March 22, 2010—A young couple from the Couples for Christ-Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL) and Pro-life Philippines is set to represent the Filipinos at the 10th International Youth Forum in Rome.
Xavier and Dester Padilla will join some 200 individuals and couples attending the Vatican-sponsored forum themed “Learning to Love,” which will be held from March 24 to 28 at the Mondo Migliore Center in Rocca di Papa in Italy.
Xavier, 34, and Dester, 31, are married for four years and are parents to three-year-old Sabine and one-year-old Aida. Xavier is the son of CFC-FFL Servant General Frank Padilla and his wife Gerry, who were re-appointed members of the Pontifical Council for Family by Pope Benedict XVI himself.
The Padillas were among the four couples that underwent rigorous screening and selection process of the Episcopal Commission on Youth of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines. Among the judges of the screening process are Fr. Conegundo Garganta of CBCP-ECY, Msgr. Pedro Quitorio III of the CBCP Media Office, and Dr. Zenaida Rotea of the CBCP Office on Women.
“We felt so blessed, privileged and also humbled for being chosen to represent the Filipino youth, which is already a big responsibility by itself. I’m sure the judges saw that our involvement in the community makes our experience holistic enough for us to merit their preference,” Xavier said.
In the forum organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, the Padillas are expected to share their experiences as a young Catholic couple and also as youth leaders to the rest of the delegates coming from all over the globe. They will also share their opinions about the ups and downs of married life.
“As a couple, we both think that the problems in our society all boil down to the problems of the youth. As such, we will share about our realization on the importance of good family relations and parenting as parts of attending to the ills of the society,” Xavier said, referring to the world-renowned Filipino value of close family ties.
For her part, Dester said she expects to learn a lot from the experiences of Catholic youths in other parts of the globe.
“We expect to understand the situation of other Catholic youths in different countries, especially those from places where Catholicism is not the majority religion. We’d like to know how they are able to live up their faith despite the hurdles imposed on them. Those stories will certainly inspire us,” she said.
The Padillas, together with the rest of the delegates, will have a private audience with the Holy Father on March 27. When asked what they would tell the Pope if they will be given the rare chance to speak with the him, Xavier and Dester momentarily became speechless.
“Perhaps, I’ll cry,” Xavier confessed. “But I will certainly tell the Holy Father that the Filipino youth is solidly behind him, supporting him despite the controversies he is facing right now.”
“I will tell the Holy Father to continue becoming as a beacon of hope, especially to the youth, in the same manner that the Catholic faith remains as the light of the world,” Dester said. (Kris Bayos)
Editor’s note: The featured couple is also playing active roles for the YouthPinoy. While Xavier, “Kuya Xavy” as we fondly call him, is YouthPinoy’s very articulate vice president for external affairs, Dester, whom we dearly refer to as “Ate Des,” is YouthPinoy’s reliable marketing officer.

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