>Carry your faith and your Filipino blood proudly!


I love Father Soc (Archbishop Villegas of Lingayen – Dagupan). After finding out about our IYF trip and the visa miracle, he texted me that message.

It is true. I believe that even if Pinoys complain a lot. And want to pretend to be people we are not, when we are faced with other cultures and other places, we carry our being Pinoy proudly.

I would even say that most Pinoys OUTSIDE the Philippines are even more patriotic. They know how it is to be away from the homeland, and so they cherish it more.

And same with our faith. Here, we are surrounded by reminders of our faith. So we take it for granted. Even complain about our prelates. Sometimes people even verbally attack them, and then say they are good Catholics in their second breath.

But, outside the Philippines, our faith is the only thing that we can cling to. It gives us hope, respite from the world and courage to face another day.

So, yes, when we leave on Monday, we will carry our faith proudly. And we will carry our Filipino blood proudly as well. They show others who we are, and they define us. AMEN!

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