>Miracles DO Happen Everyday

>Yesterday, I wrote about our embassy experience, with the guy saying: “You need a miracle.

Well, miracles happen. We went back to the embassy this afternoon, and I gave them some more information and reference letters. He checked, and he said we will be getting our visas on Monday, 3PM. Our flight is at 6PM! Cutting it close, but God is a God who is on time, every time. Of course, it is His time.

Just a great reminder that miracles DO happen. Especially if you lift everything up to God, and tell Him that His will be done. No matter what that will is… whether you will like it or not. Just like Joseph. Following the will of God for him and his family, whether he understood it or not.

I do not know what God’s will is for us as we journey to the IYF, Taize and everything else in between. And moreso when we get back here. But whatever it is, it will be done by me, Des and our family.

Thank you for your prayers…. and of course….

…. it probably helped that we had good references.

 Nuncio’s house

Pray with us, for us. Here is the Taize prayer that CBCP ECY made for us.

We are happy, blessed, challenged, honored, humbled. Again, please pray for us. And if you are free on Sunday, 9:30AM, come to the send off Mass at Our Lady of the Abandoned in Marikina City.

 Looks like I have boobs. Hahah, it is the weirdness between fat and thin!
 Des and her new hair

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