>"You need a miracle!"

>Des and I are supposed to leave on Monday, in the evening, for the International Youth Forum. We had our visa interview just this morning.

I got to the guy taking in the forms, he didn’t even have any questions, except for when we were going to leave. I told him Monday, and he said “You need a miracle!”

First thought that entered my mind was that this thing we are going to attend is a Church activity, so miracles happen everyday in the Church. So we won’t have a problem.

And second was: “Don’t we all need a miracle?”

And that’s true. We all are expecting that certain miracle to happen in our lives. That will make our lives easier or happier or more content or more satisfied. Something that will benefit us, or make us believe more. Everyday big miracles, we want to experience them to make our lives more meaningful. And, while waiting for these big miracles to occur, we don’t see the small miracles that happen in our lives.

Waking up in the morning.


The smiles of our children.

The beauty of nature.


And all the simple miracles that make our lives even richer and happier. I have no doubt that a miracle will happen with regards to this trip, but I shouldn’t stop to see the miracles that are already happening everyday – in my life, in the life of my family, in the community and the people around us šŸ™‚

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