>Parting is such sweet sorrow.

>God willing, by Monday, Des and I will leave the country for 17 days. Our visa interview is on Thursday, so we will know by then. This is the first time both of us are leaving for that long a time, without our kids.

It is a difficult predicament to be in. I know God wouldn’t have made things happen, if He didn’t want us to go. And I know that we will be able to learn a lot from this trip, and bring that message back to the Philippines, and to the world as well.

It is just hard to leave the kids for 2 weeks. We are preparing them now by going out a lot, telling them we will be gone, fixing Skype, etc etc. And when we get back, we are preparing a “going out of town re-bonding” trip. Hopefully, things will be ok. I haven’t met anyone who remembers things their parents did when they were almost-3 year old and almost-1 year old. So that’s a good sign 🙂

Pray for us, and them.

Sabine already wearing her Flower Girl gown for the Magtibay wedding
Aida with a bad hair day. Hahahaha.
My girls with Reese.
 I miss them already.

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