>"Women" attack Bishops with Condoms

>Yesterday, some crazy leftists when to the CBCP and gave Bishops condoms to bless for the sake of unity regarding women’s rights and reproductive health.

These guys are probably running for Party List, so are trying to make noise and controversy to get elected. That is annoying. Any other day of the year, they are quiet. But since they want to win, they come up with an issue and try to use it to their advantage.

It is also annoying to relate Women’s Rights to condoms, contraception, abortion and the like. That isn’t women’s rights! Women should have the right to be respected by people. Not have people promote condom use and tell women to go ahead and sleep around. Just be safe. Or promote HPV Vaccines to everyone, thinking that everyone is sexually active and promiscuous.

If these crazy leftists really wanted unity, they should do so with mutual respect. Of course Bishops are against condoms, contraception and abortion! These are against man and against God. And they have to speak out against these evils.

Going up to them and giving condoms for them to bless is an insult. A slap in the face. And a showing of lack of breeding and humanity. You don’t see people going to cigarette companies and laying rotting lungs for them to see. Or people bringing aborted fetuses to companies that make contraceptives and pills. It CAN be done, of course. But it isn’t. Because there is respect and humanity. But these crazy leftists showed us that they have neither.

They are just noisy people pretending to promote the rights of women, but are actually showing us that they are not even remotely human.

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