>Moral Recovery

>I was struck today with the First Reading. It said:

“brought low everywhere in the world this day because of our sins” (Daniel 3:37)

It is fitting especially in this election season. We say we want progress. We say we want to end corruption. We say we want a change. We promise this and that. But are we addressing the root of the problem?

When we say we want to end corruption, is that done by being more rigid with our processes? Or should we ask why the people are corrupt? Is it because they lack money? So if they are given a higher salary, will they be less corrupt? Is it because they have low self esteem? Is it because they have a broken family?

I think the usual ways of answering the problems we have (and which we have had for years and years) won’t work. Every president or elected official has promised to stomp out graft, corruption, bureaucracy, etc etc. But these plans and strategies don’t work.

Because we aren’t addressing the root of all the problems that we have. We are not addressing our morality. The way we look at ourselves. And the way God looks at us. Because if we address that, then we solve a lot of things. We will not be brought low because of our sins, or our feeling of unworthiness, or our lack of love. We will break through all those barriers of negativity if we just release ourselves from immorality and the lack of love.

That’s the answer.

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