>iWeb, MobileMe, SiteSucker… Apple Rocks!

>Apple cares. They really do.

My hard drive crashed, so I lost a lot of data. I think I lost my iWeb pages. So I researched and researched and looked for a way to get my pages back from the web and into my iWeb application. I couldn’t find an answer except SiteSucker (which sucks the site from the web and puts it in your computer, awesome!).
So I tried another way. I asked Apple. I went to the site, and tried the CHAT option. Lo and behold! Someone actually answered! Answered all my questions and concerns. And had good sentence structure, was polite and felt my problem. Awww. What a wonderful company this is.
I love it when people answer your questions. Even if they don’t know the answer, or if it isn’t the answer you are looking for…. just as long as they are there to listen. 🙂

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