Yesterday, my Hard Drive crashed. I have seen this happen many times to other people. Mostly PCs, but I have seen it with 2 Apples as well. During the World Youth Congress in 2008, Gay’s Apple crashed when she was working on a video for one of the talks. It was prayed over by so many people, but it was dead. She had the hard drive changed. When I got Ramon’s old MacBook, it wasn’t working. The scary blinking folder with the question mark was all that was showing on the screen. We brought it to the Apple store and had the hard drive changed.
Yesterday, I booted my Apple and it worked perfectly. I plugged in my phone to update the pictures I took of that 12 car accident along Sumulong Highway. It was taking too long, so I cancelled it. I already knew something was about to happen. The computer lagged, then hung. I restarted it. And then, behold, the blinking folder with the question mark.
All my files. All my programs. All my pictures. All my music. I DID, however, Time Machine last January (a program that saves everything in your computer on an external drive), so all my files up to January are safe. But, it is March. So 2 months gone. The lesson here is, always save your stuff on other places. You never know.
I have to admit, I did get depressed and anxious. Frustrated and annoyed. But then again, what else can you do?
2 things got me out of that rut. First, some great news for Des and myself… which I will write about next. And second, playing with Sabine and Aida after that arduous experience made me realize that there are still more important things than files that are stuck in a computer.
Important things like laughing because I saw “blech” when Sabine pushes my stomach. Aida making farting noises with her mouth on Des’ stomach. Playing with a plastic bowl and a spoon all night, pretending there is food in it. Hugs. Kisses. Smiles.
Files, plans and ideas can always be re-created. And maybe even re-done in a better way. Usually, when things are wiped out, when we rebuild, it is done better. And this was just another reminder that the things of this world are temporary. Material things are fleeting. So don’t be beholden to them, don’t be enslaved by them, and don’t anchor your happiness on them.

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