>Don Antonio de las Alas

>How do I get a “don” to precede my name? Don Xavier Padilla y Sotto. Ok that’s a bit weird.

My great grandfather has a book.

The small man with a tall shadow

I love reading about history, especially family history. He was a good political leader, studied in the US, and had a lot of accomplishments. It is good to have his blood running through my veins. He is the father of my Lola Lily.

It is interesting to see that he got re-married at about 81, and had 2 more kids, who would be about my age now. so if I were to meet them in the future, I would call them “lolo”. Isn’t that awesome?

Now I am on a drive to find out more about my other great grandparents. I wonder if those Mormons have records on them?

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