>Sec. Cabral heads Department of Death

>In the Sunday Inquirer, Sec of Health Esperanza Cabral says that we need to bring down our population growth rate further to about 1.3 to 1.4 per annum from the rate of 2.04 in 2008.  This is to “fulfill our commitments as embodied in the Medium Term Development Plan and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals”.  Sec. Cabral now leads the Department of Death as she works to lower our nation’s birth rate to less than replacement level.  If she is successful, the Filipino will soon face extinction.   Sec. Cabral is fulfilling the goals of international agencies whose main aim is for some developed countries to continue dominating the resources of the world.  

Sec. Cabral should pour her energies and resources into giving good health care and life to the Filipino people rather than thinking of how to get rid of the Filipino population.  

Gigi P. Chua

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