>Ambrosio Padilla @ 100!


Lolo Paddy

Lolo Paddy (as we call him) would be celebrating his 100th birthday this year, if he were still alive. He was an amazing person. He bonded our whole family together. His 10 children and 50+ grandchildren. He brought us all together on Sundays, and started family traditions that are still very much done until today. He really is the patriarch that we all love and want to emulate. And make him proud of us, even from up above.

His Campaign Material

He was an Olympian and a Senator. With many other great achievements in between. And in spite of all that, he was able to raise a great family. There are no Olympians nor Senators in the family (yet), but everyone is doing their part to be like him in other fields.

I got this from the web: “The Padilla line is from Pangasinan (Lingayen, Sual, and Bugallon) and descends from one Maria Padilla (they took her surname). Her son is Vicente Padilla who in turn had two sons, Narciso and Tomas. Narciso, a lawyer, moved to Manila and became a regidor in the Royal Audencia and a rather prosperous landowner especially along what is now known as Escolta. Narciso had a son and a daughter. His son, Jose Sabino Padilla, became a canon of the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral. Narciso’s daughter, Maria Barbara, married a lawyer by the name of Eduardo Resurreccion-Hidalgo. One of their children is the painter Felix Resurreccion-Hidalgo, contemporary and friend of Juan Luna.

“Narciso’s brother Tomas remained in Pangasinan where he was a prosperous businessman engaged in shipping and rice trading. He had several offspring, among them are Bishop Antonio Ma. Padilla, Padre Tomas Padilla, and Nicanor Escobar Padilla, one of the first doctors produced by the University of Santo Tomas.

“Nicanor Escobar Padilla (born 1851 and died 1936) was married twice. His first wife died in the cholera epidemic of 1888. His second wife was Ysabel Pena Bibby. From this union came the following offspring: Narciso B. Padilla (married to Concepcion Paterno), Justice Sabino B. Padilla (married to Dominga de los Reyes), Augusto B. Padilla (married to Natividad Angeles), Congressman Benedicto B. Padilla (married to Ingeborg Shutze), Felix B. Padilla (married to Noemi Guerrero), Carmen B. Padilla (married to Eduardo Lesaca), Dra. Florencia B. Padilla (married to Dr. Jose N. Dualan), Senator Ambrosio B. Padilla (married to Lourdes de las Alas), and Dr. Nicanor B. Padilla Jr. (married to Lourdes Potenciano). They also have an older half-sister (from Nicanor’s first marriage), Aurora Padilla (married to Dr. Hilarion Caniza)”

Lolo Paddy and Lola Lily had 10 children, and if I were to name everyone down the line, this would be an enormously long blog. Suffice to say, there are a lot of us.

Happy upcoming 100th birthday, Lolo! We miss you and love you. Thanks as well for giving us with dad. He is an amazing person, just like you!

Dad, Mom and Pope Benedict


  1. Hi. I went to school with Ambrosio (Jun) Padilla Jr at Monivae College in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia, in the late 1960s. I have often wished to contact him since, but had no real idea how to do so. I seem to recall his home as a boy was at 9 Apo St, Quezon City, though my memory might betray me. Would it be possible to put me in contact with him, please? He may remember me by my boarding school nickname “Wilbur” Wright. Cheers, Tony Wright

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