>World Singles Congress 2010! The Almighty!

>I wrote about my WSC 2010 experience and it is on YouthPinoy. I will link it:

SFL WSC 2010: Not only for Singles, but for Families as well
World Singles Congress 2010: An Event for the Almighty!
CFC SFL: Bringing the Cause of Christ
E-Vangelization at the SFL WSC 2010

But, I saved some good pictures for here. Check which simmering love team you like the most!

Lawrence and Joy

Arvin and Pane

EJ and Ina

Kuh and Jeff

Ina and RJ

Maan and Dave

Loren and VL

Dylan and Triccia

Tin and Joji

The Bromance is Alive!

SFL Missionaries
YFL Missionaries
KFL Missionaries
WACKY naman!

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  1. >I AM VERY PROUD TO SAY THAT I WAS ALSO A DELEGATE IN THIS CONGRESS!!! And i also attended the E-vangelize workshop with Monsignor Pepe Quitorio. I was inspired to the extent that i made a facebook fan page named "I ENJOYED A WEEKEND WITH GOD THROUGH WSC 2010" I am inviting all the SFC-FFL members who attended the said congress to be a fan of our page. So we can discuss our experiences, share our reflections of what messages from God we have received, post our pictures for everyone to see the happiness we experienced and how we trully enjoyed a weekend with God.We are also welcoming other SFC-FFL members who are not present there and other people who are not yet a member of the community to add our fanpage so that hopefully through the posts of the delegates they will feel the joy of being in the presence of the Lord and so that they will be inspired to join the next congress.once again please do add our facebook fanpage "I ENJOYED A WEEKEND WITH GOD THROUGH WSC 2010"Take care and God bless to all!!!

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