>Des’ Birthday Date with Me at Vieux Chalet

>Our date finally pushed through! Des was sick on her birthday, so we had to postpone our date. But it finally came through on Thursday 🙂

We went to Vieux Chalet in Antipolo. I remember I went there YEARS AGO when I was still young. We were with my grandparents and we had cold cuts, cheese and some other food I can’t remember. I searched in online, and found out it was still open! So I made the reservations and off we went.

I reserved via text message, and it was confirmed, so it was surprising to note that they didn’t have our names in their reservation list. Good thing there was only one other couple in the restaurant. There are 10 tables, so it would be good to reserve (maybe by calling) before going.

They were also changing their menu, so there were some of our original choices that were not available. Otherwise it was a good meal! Nice view as well 🙂 Who would have thought there would be such a nice place in the middle of nowhere (the weeds around the restaurant were taller than basketball players!).

At the entrance
Our table by the window
Nice, quaint place
Mushroom Soup. It was not so creamy, but that made it good. And the bread tasted yummy too. Not burnt, just right.
Osso Buco. Nice veal shank in a creamy sauce. It was tender and juicy. And filling! Servings are big!
Roesti. A potato concoction that went well with the Osso Buco. The Osso was already rich enough, so this was just a filler, of sorts. For taste.
Pizza. We actually just had a slice each and then brought this home. The servings were too big for the both of us.
And, of course, chocolate for dessert.

Happy birthday, babe! I love you!

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