>Of New Things

>I am happy and proud of my family and “new” things they did this weekend. Allow me to be a proud papa.

Sabine and Aida on Whitey.
Well, it wasn’t Sabine’s first time on a horse. It was her second. After the first time, she suddenly got a fear of horses. So this was a “new” thing for her. To get over that fear, and ride again. She was happy and talking the whole time she was riding the horse. She is a talker, that Sabine.
Aida and Arden
Aida is getting more and more sociable. She likes playing with other people. And likes to join when we are having conversations and just hanging out. She doesn’t like being left to play on her own anymore. And she is always standing herself up and trying to walk (she can actually walk when holding on to something). She is in a hurry to grow up!
Des and her Brownies
And Des has taken on baking again. She claims she used to bake, but this is the first time for me to try anything she has baked. And it was good! Chocolate brownies with sweet chocolate icing. She should do more of this and try cooking more dishes too. Along with her knitting. 🙂
As for me? Well, I am trying a new thing. Something called being an even better husband and father. Not being too pre-occuppied with things that are not as important as family. 🙂 My family is growing, and growing up. And we all have many more memories to make!

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