>Sarah Palin and her Crib Notes

>I have been reading Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue on my Kindle. It is interesting to see how much she has done for Alaska. And how the campaign for the Vice Presidency went. I really think the book was just to re-introduce her, and to explain all the issues against her that were brought out in the campaign. It is actually an interesting read. You get to like her even more after reading it.

She was recently in an event (The Tea Party or whatever that is… who knows about American History and what they are trying to convey with this grassroots campaign?) and gave a speech. And, they saw crib notes on her palm!
Sarah Palin giving the speech
Her hand up close
If you have been following her, and have read her book, you would know that this behavior isn’t surprising. I like it! I think it makes her more personal, more approachable, and more like us. She didn’t memorize her answers to questions. She didn’t have rehearsed spiels to the crowd. You know that the questions being asked were spontaneous. She didn’t have the teleprompter to tell her what to say (unlike Obama who uses a teleprompter everywhere he goes!).
She is real! She is one of those people you see in the supermarket, the restaurant, the line before paying for something. She is one of us. And now she is a National (even International) figure, still being one of us, but hanging around the traditional politicians of the USA. She is that breath of fresh air.
When I give talks, I always scribble down notes along the margins of the outline. I even put drawings sometimes. Before going on stage, I write things on my palm, on pieces of paper, on anything. Because you never know when inspiration like that strikes. So, yes, I like Sarah Palin. And yes, I think it is endearing for her to have crib notes. And yes, I know that the Liberal Media of the USA is attacking her for whatever they can attack her on. But when they attack her, they are attacking us as well.
Good luck Sarah! Hope you make it to the White House someday. And when we meet, we will discuss your position on contraception 🙂

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