>Decisions. Decisions.


What, daddy?

HOMESCHOOL? There are so many decision to be made! Des and I went to a homeschool “meeting” on Sunday. It was in a beautiful home in Manila. Made of wood, and arranged perfectly for the family of 6-going-on-7. They have been homeschooling for a couple of years now and use the program of Seton Homeschool. Of course we looked at their home and furniture before talking about homeschooling. I love wooden furniture πŸ™‚ Maybe I should make it a sideline?

Anyway, we attended a seminar before with the Bo Sanchez-related homeschooling program, but I guess it was too early to attend something like that. Now, it is more urgent as Sabine is almost going to start school. 2 more homeschooling mom arrived, and shared their stories about homeschooling. The other program they use is the Kolbe Academy.

Both are Catholic, and use Catholic values, which I like. Going around schools and seeing the kids and youth today, it is so hard to be convinced that values are being taught well in school. Even in Catholic schools, sadly. Somehow, the best place to teach the children really is in the home.

There is a Homeschooling Conference coming up this March (message me if you want to come), and we will be there. It will answer all the homeschooling questions. And hook you up with connections and stories about it. But some input:
1. One parent will really have to do it fulltime
2. It takes a lot of dedication.
3. You learn along with your kids.
4. You can teach them good values, and live it out at home.
5. Socialization happens with other kids going through the same thing.
… I can go on and on…. Just need to learn more about it. I think I have my decision made for this πŸ™‚ I wonder if Des will allow me to be the teacher?

VOTE? It is going to be really hard to pick 12 people to vote for Senator. The choices aren’t that good. I cannot possibly vote straight 12 in Liberal, Nacionalista or any of those ingrained political parties. But I am sure of 8. And maybe from there, it will be easier to pick 4 more. And then that will make it more plausible to choose 12. I even made a Facebook group on it. Check it out with the link earlier. πŸ™‚ President and VP? I have to hold off on blogging about that.

EAT? I love food. But I really have to lose weight. I am not getting any younger, and sickness and aches and pains are all around. And are starting to affect me as well. But it is so hard when you see these things tempted before you:

Cupcakes from Joni’s Goodies
Joni bakes from Heaven. She truly does. And these cupcakes are extraordinarily delicious. Oh how can we lose weight when we get to eat these baked goodies almost monthly? Oh how?
Cheese, Cold Cuts and Crackers from the Rodrigos
And then we go to meetings that serve the above. Wow. I could not stop eating. Maybe that’s why I gained 1 pound instead of losing 5. Or maybe it is muscle from all my running. I hope it is the latter.
So homeschooling, voting and eating? No wonder I am so stressed…. happily stressed πŸ™‚ And then the World Kids Conference is coming up too. Whoa.
So, what now, dad?
What, indeed?

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