>Keep your private life, private


The Kris Aquino life story keeps unfolding before our very eyes. Whenever something major happens to her, she comes out on TV, and the whole nation is glued to what she has to say. And everyone then has their own opinions for or against her.
I remember when she went on TV, interviewed by Kuring, about how Joey Marquez gave her a STD, brought another woman on their vacation (considering Kris was already the other woman), beat her up and pointed a gun at her.
She talks about everything that happens to her. What she wears. What she eats. When she is angry. When she wants something. Everything. Nothing is left to our imagination.
Even when she is not talking, she sends text messages to Gossip Shows explaining everything that is happening to her, and what she thinks.
Now, she went on TV again. Talking about James Yap and another woman. And the stories are endless.
That’s the problem, I think. How can you fix something, which is private like marriage, when you already told the world what the problem is? If you want to keep it private, then don’t tell the whole world about it. I can just imagine how James felt when Kris started talking about how she is the only one working on the marriage and how she doesn’t trust him. How can you fix that, when the world is looking at your husband negatively – because of what you said?
I won’t have an opinion of who is at fault in this debacle, because I have no idea what really happened and how things unfolded. And anyway, there are opinions all over cyberspace for this. It is just sad that we have enough information to come up with our own conclusions.
Yes, they are actors and athletes. And they have fans who help them earn millions. But, that is no excuse to expose your whole lives on television. Keep your private life, private.  For your sake, and the sake of your family. Because if you tell us everything, then we yearn for more information, and when you ask for privacy… we laugh because privacy is yours if you want it… you just keep telling us everything.

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