>Sana’y Magkatotoo


Last Saturday, more than a thousand youth from all over the Philippines came to UST to launch YouthPinoy, the website of (and for) the Filipino Catholic Youth. It was an event almost a year in the making. Gathering organizations and dioceses from all over the country to come together for the same purpose – to Win the World through the Word.
The internet is so full of things that can make you forget that there is a God who loves you. You can read about suicides, sex, drugs, negative emotions, and other things that may make you feel hopeless and unloved. And there are so few places where you can feel the warmth of Christian community and support. YouthPinoy is there to help provide that. By making a place where young people, who love Christ, can come together, share their faith and experiences and be one in bringing that life and message to the rest of the country, and the world.
On that day where the site was officially launched, more than 1,000 youth committed to be part of that light that will shine God’s Word to the world, and reach the youth who are connected to each other in cyberspace. It was such a momentous event, that even the Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams, came and graced the event, along with Monsignor Pepe Quitorio, Bishop Joel Baylon and Bishop Rolando Tria Tirona.
I was able to spend time with them before the High Mass, and their stories and opinions were all touching and awesome. They spoke about how, a few years ago, Pope John Paul II came to UST – almost at the same date as this launch. And knowing Pope John Paul II, they said, this is no coincidence. The launch was postponed and postponed for a reason. There is much to be hopeful for. They also spoke about the possibility of getting Pope Benedict XVI to an online chat with our YouthPinoys. And, to this request, His Excellency Edward Adams expressed that it would be a great wish for this to come true. And he said it in different languages! “Sana’y Magkatotoo.”
It was a good day to launch YouthPinoy. But, as all launches, this is only the beginning. The world needs us, YouthPinoys, to spread the Word, and to win it for Him. Connect tayo!

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