>CFC-FFL Marches For Life


CFC-FFL Marches For Life

Taking on the Bishop’s challenge to double the number of participants and a stronger presence of the youth in 2010, members of the CFC-FFL community in Dallas definitely made a huge impact at the annual Roe Memorial Mass, Rally and March For Life on January 16 with it’s biggest turn-out ever. Led by its Chapter Head, Boy Arocha, about 70 pro-lifers with their striking red beanie hats peacefully prayed the rosary and marched the 1-mile trek from the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the Earle Cabell Federal Court House where the tragic Roe vs Wade case was initially filed.  Even though the overall crowd appeared likely to have fallen short of the 10,000 goal, the participants were energized by the presence and encouragement of Bishop Kevin Farrell, Bishop Kevin Vann of Fort Worth and other local church leaders. Since 1973, 50 million babies have died through legalized abortion in the US.

More pictures to be added soon to our website gallery. Also visit www.prolifedallas.org
the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas website for more pictures by Monday, 
Jan. 18.

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