>A Nation Living Life, Love and Family


What exactly does that mean? A nation living life, love and family? It takes some minutes of reflection to scratch the surface of what that phrase means. A nation, a people, a generation all living their lives to the fullest. Living out the demands of love. And living out the true sense of family.
What does living our lives to the fullest / living out the demands of love / living out the true sense of family mean? Dr. Brian Clowes of Human Life International, Fr. Francis Gustilo SDB and Pro-Life Manila Mayor Lito Atienza all helped us understand it.
 Aida is really happy to be with one of the best Pro-Lifers in all the world!
They spoke on Pro-Life issues to a crowd of more than 500 leaders of different organizations from all over the Philippines. It felt good to be united with Pro-Lifers from all over. Knowing that we are not alone in the fight for the right way to live.
Living life to the fullest means knowing our priorities. Faith and Family. We need to put God first, family second, and everything else after that.
Living out the demands of love means fighting for what is right and true. And finding out what that truth is. Like the reality that 92% of people are against the RH Bill, if they knew what it contained! That is truth. And fighting for that truth is living out the demands of love.
Living out the true sense of family. Everyone is important. From your grandparents (maybe even great grandparents) all the way to the baby formed in the mother’s womb. All are important, and all relationships are important as well. The world will try to tear these bonds apart, but we know better. We need to keep our family intact.
Lately, there has been news of a group who wants to make marriage renewable every 10 years. And if not renewed, it is automatically considered null and void. I believe that no Filipino mind can think of a devilish concept like that. Our culture and nature just won’t allow it. Some foreigner thought of that, along with the RH Bill, wanting our country to slowly slide towards extinction – just like many other “first world” countries.
We cannot allow this to happen. We need to keep our life, love and families protected. And not only protected, but solid. That is what the world needs to see in the Philippines. A nation living life, love and family. Without having that conviction, we will end up swimming around in circles.
PS. Anti-Lifers even get into the balloon making business. What a shock to see this! Well, now we know that Spongebob is really a boy.


  1. >Hola Kuya Xavy,Good day po. I am Julai, an SFL here in BArcelona. But I am from Bohol and started as a YFC in 1998. Glad to find your site kuya. I'll keep on coming back to read updates about CFC FFL.God bless po.

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